What trees should i plant

So you have decided to turn your backyard into a garden. What plants do you plant? You can choose fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, herbs and shrubs or a combination of any of these. It’s best to plant all of these together in one row because they will have a greater benefit from the sun and water. In addition, you may have to move some of your plants after they bloom if you don’t want them crowding each other.

If you are planting fruit trees you will need to choose healthy trees that don’t have any disease. If you plan on hanging baskets, fruits, or other vines you will also need to be sure the branches are strong enough to support themselves. Be careful when hanging fruit trees or plants from trees. The weight of the entire hanging branch can cause damage. Be careful when hanging anything off of a tree because you will also need to be careful of any animals eating the fruit that may destroy your harvest.

Vegetables should be planted in pots, containers, hanging baskets or a trellis system. These should be planted away from trees. You can easily find the best spot to plant vegetables by getting the soil tested to determine what your soil is like. You can also research this yourself at your library, or go online. Most gardens prefer the use of soil testers. Once your soil is ready you can then prepare the plants for planting.

Shrubs, bushes and trees should all be carefully planned out before you plant them. Where you place a tree or bush will depend greatly on where it will be placed. If you are not familiar with tree topping or plant layout you may want to get someone to help you. They will be able to explain what tree roots are and how to care for them. This is especially important when you have small tree roots in the back breaking up the soil.

Once the planting is finished the real work begins, what you do with the plants. While planting, if you notice a problem you should immediately remove the affected shrub or bush. The arborist can then make any necessary repairs and improvements. While the arborist is doing his or her job, you can sit back and watch your trees grow.

Fall is an exciting time to plant trees. The colors are in the air and the leaves are changing colors. This is also the time of year that you can prepare your landscape accordingly and protect your shrubs, bushes and trees from the harmful effects of the autumn rains. Protecting your plants from the fall foliage is a great way to protect your entire landscape from falling leaves and tree roots.

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