About Us

“A tradition That Belongs to the Future”

Matoyia Calip (founder)

August 14, 2019 I was laid off from my job. I vowed that after going through losing a lucrative job once before I would never be subjected by “big business” company to reach my goals in life. It was time to take destiny into my own hands and JUMP! I used every dime from what was given to me through separating from the company and started fueling my passion. Since I was a child, I used to pretend while outside baking mud pies. I migrated from outdoors in the heat of Hanford, Ca summers, to indoors baking my childhood favorite, sugar cookies. I learned how to love cooking and baking. Cooking came from my parents who both had a love for cooking in the home. Baking came from my brother in love where he taught me how to make the signature pound cake and the delightful Cheesecake. His strict instructions gave me a since of security as I knew I was being trained and taught a pearl that would be my treasure for the rest of my life. I bring a unique pleasure to not only your mouth, but also to your life. Each cake has spoken positive energy of great health, clarity and wholeness come to alignment according to how God created us to be. I pray for Ideas not only spark but begins to drive you to your destiny, and so much more!


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